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Keeley is a fully qualified BSc (Hons) Sports Therapist who offers Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation to all members of the public, regardless of their circumstances. Keeley, who recently graduated from Plymouth University, is continuing her professional development and will soon be able to offer additional holistic practices through expanding her qualifications and skills. Keeley has a lifelong interest in and around the mechanics of the body, sports injuries and in enabling others to progress and attain their full potential. She currently competes nationally for the Isle of Wights Senior Synchronised skating team ‘Wight Jewels’, and continues her solo development as a figure skater. 

All Day Thursday 6:00 - 20:00

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Sports Therapist

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KJ Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation offer a range of treatment options to help aid you in your recovery.  ​ Sports Massage - Do you have aches and pains? Why not have a massage? Sports massage is proven to be the most prevalent injury prevention strategy & enhances performance.  Dry Cupping  - Did you know? According to current studies, this is an effective technique for treating musculoskeletal pain. Injury Assessment & Diagnosis - who hasn't experienced that pain in a joint or muscle and not known what it is? Here I can help diagnose and treat the problem and get you back on your feet. Personalised Rehabilitation - have you had that niggling injury and yet don't know how to get it fixed and working again? We can work together to devise a specific rehabilitation programme to help get you back to your full potential. Dry Needling - need a quick release? This treatment is known to help with pain management, accelerate recovery and regaining range of motion on top of your standard treatments.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Oncology Massage) - Evidence supports this delicate kind of treatment stimulates the body's lymphatic system, enhancing metabolism, assisting the body in eliminating toxins and waste, and boosting the immune system. Taping  - Sometimes we just need that extra support that enables us to still keep going. Just look at the England rugby team, more tape than exposed skin! And much more!




Our new treatment room is available for a variety of practices from osteopathy, massage, reflexology, nutrition and beauty to name a few. Positioned within our lively gym, the room benefits from access to state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and an immediate client base. Affordable and flexible, the room can be hired from a few hours to a few weeks on a casual or more permanent bases.

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