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More of an outdoor exerciser, I came to Morecore when I was recovering from injury.

Here, I got the support and expert advice I needed to get better and stronger. I still get the odd injury, but the team always finds a way around it and keep me at it. I’ve since enjoyed HIIT, CrossFit and even become an early morning workout fan. Functional fitness and mobility has set me up to enjoy sport and life to the full and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I came for the rehab, but stayed for everything else.”




I really honestly can't thank you enough. The best instructors in the South West. I have a disability and I'm very unfit and was incredibly nervous of stepping inside a gym for the first time in my life.

I was made to feel welcome from the very beginning. The support and encouragement shown, has been second to none. Not once did I feel awkward or out of place. In the few months that I have been going I find myself doing things that I have never thought possible before , small things like going up a ladder to clear the gutters . Even walking was becoming difficult but without sounding overly dramatic this gym has saved me from a life in a wheelchair. Don't let your preconceptions of a gym hold you back from massively improving your life with the more core team on hand to help and support. I can never thank every single one of the instructors enough.



Following major changes in my personal life, I found myself on a downward spiral of self-destruct. I had 2 choices, continue on this trajectory or do something to prevent it.

I joined Morecore almost 1 year ago, having turned 50 and having never stepped foot into a gym before, I held little hope that it would be “my thing”. In my mind exercise was for exercise type people, Barbie’s and Ken’s not Jackie’s. How wrong I was ! The one to one support from my PT Gav, the skill and nurturing from Gill and the all round inclusion from every member has genuinely changed my life. I am happier, fitter both physically and mentally and my downward spiral is now an upward curve. Thank you Morecore is an understatement.




This gym has changed my life for the better and had a positive impact on my husband, sister and friends, who are now all addicted too!  

I have the attitude to try anything now and see how it feels. This has led me to loving yoga; Pilates, strength classes and kettlebells. I also have a PT session with the very lovely Gavin every week, for as long as I can remember. Gav is the kindest person, who knows exactly what my programme should be, my likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses! He explains every exercise, even after all this time and gives me the reason why we are doing what we are doing. The team at Morcecore are super talented at making things work for everyone, regardless of fitness levels The friendships in this gym are another reason to keep going. Everyone you meet will chat to you and help you. The ages, stages, shapes, sizes and personalities are so varied, but everyone is still lovely and friendly. The cross fit is insane - I only watch this but the way people have transformed themselves has been incredible.

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