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The power of CrossFit Tamar

CrossFit Tamar launched in April 2022 so we’re now in our second year and it’s been fantastic to watch our community grow and members improve. We now have 45 members who train together weekly and support one another to be the best version of themselves. The classes have gone from 1 or 2 members to full classes and we’ve even added more classes at peak times to meet the demand.

We’ve been very proud to watch our members transform - as a methodology CrossFit is unique in that it is measurable i.e you can track your improvements and quantify how much fitter/stronger/more capable you have become. From new PBs to new skills learnt, our members have achieved it all! We participated in the worldwide CrossFit Open in Feb-March earlier this year, and most of our members surpassed their own expectations. We can’t wait for next year's Open to see just how much they have continued to improve, both mentally and physically.

Some members have used CrossFit to transform their health also. Along with small lifestyle changes and tweaks to diets, a number of members have lost 15-20kg+ in weight in the space of a year from committing to 4-5 CrossFit classes each week, which is incredible!

We’ve also seen an increase in the number of members who have dipped a toe into competing. Competing is a fun way to test yourself, to see what you are capable of in a more competitive environment. We’ve had an all female team (Dina, Gabby, Tash and Kayleigh) who took 3rd place in the scaled division last month at Four At War, Becky (Cornwall’s fittest Grandma!) took part in Summer Throwdown Rookie

Threesome and Tom who has competed at a number of events throughout the past year. Queen of Barbells Heather has also won a number of events as well as qualifying the British Weightlifting Championships next month. We have a number of pairs entered into August’s Hot and Heavy Throwdown (ran by our very own Dan’s Lunatic Fitness Events) and we wish them the best of luck.

We cannot recommend CrossFit enough if you want to seriously improve your strength, fitness and health. Our existing non-CrossFit members can book onto a free trial (just sign up using your WodBoard account). For those of you who think you are “not fit enough” to try CrossFit, we say one thing - CROSSFIT GETS YOU FIT! Every single one of our members started somewhere, and most were unable to do the things they are today.

If you don’t start, you don’t succeed. We’re here for you every step of the way.

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